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Create an affiliate program to promote your betting site.


Given the large amount of competition that exists on the Internet to attract the attention of people becomes a bit complicated sometimes. Execute marketing strategies that give good results can be quite challenging. It is common to find bookies that are frustrated because their marketing strategies are not giving the expected results and feel that they are wasting money.

In order for bookies to remain competitive, they must execute various marketing strategies so that they can attract different types of players through different means. One of the strategies that we recommend to bookies to apply is to create an affiliate program.

An affiliate program is to find allied web pages that can direct traffic to the betting site, in exchange for the traffic that the affiliate generates the bookie must pay the affiliate site an amount which can be determined by different factors such as the number of total visits generated for the betting site, the number of clicks or actions that users make on the betting site, among others.

Affiliate programs are usually very practical and are widely used by the big companies in the betting industry since this is a very economical and effective way to promote the betting site to captive audiences.

For bookies that want to establish their own affiliate program, here are some recommendations:

Investigate and identify

The first thing that the bookie should do is identify possible websites with which they would like to create an alliance and make a list of them. Once the potential allies have been identified, bookies should investigate the amount of traffic these sites have to determine if the audience volume generated by these sites is interesting enough.


Once the list has been delimited, the bookies should contact the websites of their interest to offer them the affiliate program. At this stage the bookie should have at least some general guidelines on how the alliance will work, how much it is willing to pay for the traffic generated, how often and through which platforms the payments will be made, etc. It is possible that the counterparty presents a counteroffer, so the bookie must be prepared to negotiate and defend its position with solid arguments.

Execution and evaluation

Finally, the plan must be launched, the bookie must be prepared to measure and correctly follow the affiliate plan, thanks to tools such as google analytics it is very easy to identify the sources of traffic of the betting site and determine if the Affiliate program is giving good results.

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