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British online casinos are at troubles.


Tom Watson Deputy Leader of the Labor Party is a well-known opponent of betting in Britain, recently he publishes on his social media that he had sent a document to the Secretary of Culture Jeremy Wright with the results of an investigation that shows that more than a third of betting operators are failing their consumers.

Among the discoveries of Watson is for example that the casinos pay in total more than 150 million dollars to be sponsors of teams of the premier league, but only contribute with $ 60 per team to the largest betting charity in Britain.

With these discoveries, Watson wants that all the operators have to reapply for a license so that the regulator entity has better control of the conditions of each operator. In the words of Watson: "A gambling license should be a hallmark of credibility and trust." It should not be seen as an opportunity for operators to push the limits of their conditions and responsibilities".
The procedure that the operators have to follow to reapply for their licenses has not yet been disclosed, but depending on how long this may take this presents a great opportunity for Pay 
Per Head bookies.

British players are known to be the most active and die-hard gamblers in the world, so they will look for alternatives to place their bets while operators are busy reapplying for their licenses. Bookies that have a good Pay Per Head partner will be able to take advantage of this situation and gain ground in the betting market in Great Britain. They have the chance to present themselves as a reliable alternative to traditional operators.

Bookies that want to take advantage of this situation, in addition to having a good Pay Per Head partner that gives them access to all the necessary tools and platforms, should also make sure that they have all the betting options and favorite casino games of the British gamblers. Also, bookies should make sure to comply with the regulations and laws of the country, for example, they have to keep in mind that a reform that limits the way in which bookies can promote their betting products to the general public was recently approved in Great Britain.
This is a great window of opportunity for bookies that have the right tools and strategies to take advantage of it.
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