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Bookie Basics, What is a Pay Per Head Company?


Today we are going to cover a pretty basic topic, but a very important one. This post is for people that are tempting to create a betting site and jump into the lucrative industry of gambling, but they don’t have a clue of where to start.

The gambling business may seem simple at first; you just need to get a few bettors, some money to support your operation and a way to keep track of the lines and bets. With those three elements, you are ready to start a gambling business. The problem is that the betting business is more complex and if you keep your bookie operation that simple and rudimentary it’s a matter of time for your business to collapse.

The most clever and way to start a bookie business is with the help of a Pay Per Head Company; but what is exactly a Pay Per Head?

A Pay Per Head is a service provider that offers a comprehensive set of tools to run a bookie operation for a small fee per month. Frequently this fee is charged for each one of your bettors that place a bet during a given month, that’s where the name pay per head came from. These companies operate offshore and they can take care of all the different aspects involved in running a betting site, such as the design and hosting of the site, the betting software, reports for both the bookie and his bettors and many other features that can turn even the smallest bookie operation into a professional business.

Reputable Pay Per Head companies are always developing new tools and in order to make the job of the bookies more easier. They also take special care to ensure that bookies and their clients get the best service. That’s the reason why when you sign up for a Pay Per Head you are not just hiring a service provider, you are choosing a business partner. 

Pay Per Head providers are the smarter way to start a bookie business and with their help bookies can grow their business smoothly.

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