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Beyond player behavior, tomorrow’s trend in today’s betting industry.


It is curious and even contradictory as today that there is more technology to measure and predict the behavior of consumers every time it becomes more complicated to really hit on what consumers want and demand.

The big betting companies have invested millions of dollars in carrying out studies that allow them to better predict the behavior of the players, in order to create betting experiences that are more significant for the players and more lucrative for the betting houses. Professionals from disciplines such as psychology, behavioral economics, and marketing have been hired to conduct these studies, then we present some of the results obtained that bookies can apply to their own businesses.

The psychology  of choice

For years, brands have tried to decipher how the decision-making process works in the minds of consumers. One of the great discoveries in this field is that consumers want to have the ability to choose from a wide variety of options or at least that is what it seems since studies have shown that when the number of alternatives is very high, the frustration grows. In the case of the betting industry, players have access to more than 3000 casino games and 50,000 live betting events per month. But only 5% of the available bet content results in a bet. This means that 95% of published betting options go unnoticed or are not relevant for bettors.

This means that the bookies have to be very careful with the content of bets they post. Pay Per Head companies provide bookies with a wide selection of betting options for leagues and sports from around the world, bookies have to choose which betting options of this entire list is relevant to their bettors. Using the Pay Per Head provider's reporting tool can help bookies determine which betting options are best for their current customers.

In addition, bookies should facilitate the selection process within the website, making sure to have clear menus and internal pages that show all the information that the bettor needs to make its decision and place the bet with just a few clicks.

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