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Been a Bookie is a Team Play.


It’s funny how the gambling business looks like sports, especially basketball, in fact, you can learn a lot from what teams do on the court and applied to your own betting business. 

Be like LeBron or Curry
Take for example teams like the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers, these teams are so successful and strong because they have reliable leaders that preach with the example and always give the 110% for the team. So if you want to have a profitable betting site, you need to be present and focus only on your gambling business. If you have staff they need to see that you compromise with the business and that you give all your effort and passion for the sake of the business, even in the bad times.

Ask for a timeout and talk
When the score it’s not favorable for a team, the first thing a coach does is ask for a timeout, to regroup the lads, discuss what things are not working well and made some changes to flip the score. You can do the same with your bookie business if you perceive a low performance from your team or a tense atmosphere at your office. Ask for a timeout, where everyone leaves what they do and just focus on talking about the issues that are affecting the team and how these problems can be fixed.

All the Players are Important 
Every year we see how teams spend millions of dollars trying to build the perfect roster, which means not only have a few talented starting players but also to build a bench that is able to perform equally good.  You should aim to build a dream team for your bookie business, hiring brilliant people that can add real value to your business and also by choosing the best pay per head provider that suits all your needs in order to achieve your long-term goals.

Been a bookie is team play; you can’t do everything on your own if you want to be prosperous.

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