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April is an excellent month to promote betting in the NHL.


Hockey is among the top 4 sports in popularity in the USA, but when it comes to betting sometimes bookies find difficult for them to have a good level of action on their betting sites. This is because very few casual players venture to bet on Hockey, according to statistics compiled by some betting sites for an NFL game they can register around 30,000 bet while for an NHL game the average is 1500 to 2000 bets. This does not mean that hockey is a bad sport for bookies, on the contrary, the bookies must see in hockey a complementary sport that will help them maintain good income in their betting site.

To get the most out of NHL games bookies can use the following strategies:

Show all the action Hockey can offer

Hockey games are exciting, action-packed and in some cases even violent, which makes them an excellent form of entertainment, the problem is that not everyone understands the rules of Hockey and in some cases bettors who do not live in a place with snow tend to see it as a distant sport with which they do not relate as it is not practiced in their locality. Bookies should create content that shows bettors how exciting games are; for example, using videos of game highlights or out of the ordinary plays is a great way to win the attention of casual gamblers.

Introduce the underdogs

Hockey is a sport where nothing is decided and where the underdogs give surprises constantly, for example, the winner of the Stanley Cup last year was Washington who came to the cup with few chances against the favorites Tampa Bay Lightning. The story of a David defeating a Goliath always gets the people’s attention and dazzles them. In addition, the bettors can be attracted by the amount of money they can earn if they bet on the underdog. Bookies can use this to promote betting options to casual players.

The bookies must create a betting business that is profitable throughout the year, for this they must have a good Pay Per Head provider that offers a wide range of betting options that allow them to create several sources of income.

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