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A love and hate relationship between the leagues and the betting industry.


With the expansion of the US betting market, everyone wants to have their share of the action and fill their pockets with the money of the bettors. Some leagues such as NHL and NASCAR have signed agreements with the major betting operators to create exclusive betting experiences and in this way attract more interest to the sports and make a profit from the new betting market.

Other leagues such as NBA and MLB have followed another strategy and since the ban was lifted on sports betting in the US, these leagues have stated that operators must pay a royalty fee on all bets they handle.

The operators were adamantly opposed to this royalty fee, but it seems that the leagues have found a new way of pressuring operators for the royalty fee and it is through their official data provider Sportradar US. According to a report recently revealed many operators who had acquired Betradar the official data feed of Sportradar, received a notification that new terms were to apply for the NBA playoffs in which it is contemplated that anyone who accesses and uses the Official league data must pay a fee to the league.

If this is true, the relationship between these two leagues and the betting industry would be seriously affected, since operators will have to either sacrifice their profit margin or transfer the cost to their bettors to pay the royalty fee. If the strategy followed by the operators is the second and they transfer the cost to their bettors this would make their betting offer less attractive to bettors, which means that bookies that operate through a Pay Per Head partner could gain ground and capture customers who do not want to bet with these operators.

The bookies have to be aware of everything that happens in the betting industry so that they can take advantage of any opportunity that may arise. The best way to be ready to take full advantage of any change in the market is to have the help of a good Pay Per Head provider.

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