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Being a sport fan has many benefits, you can get together with Friends, enjoy a good game, have fun, and share different perspectives, and that's just what I like to do. I'm not an expert, so probably I don't write from an expert point of view. I like to keep it simple, but enjoyable. I have more than 10 years working in sports betting related activities. This has allowed me to travel to different countries and see for myself the amazing growth of the betting industry.

Even though, I'm not a gambler, I definitely enjoy all the excitement and passion involved in betting. Writing is just the way for me to be part of this. I love to be on top of trending topics, to keep readers updated. But I do it my way! You'll find useful information, interesting topics, but all of these from a fans' point of view.

A fan that not only likes sports but also enjoys a good movie or even a bad one, in good company. Someone who likes to have fun and lives life fully, with all its ups and downs. Because, just like in sports, there would be good and bad games, gamblers would have good and bad streaks and there's nothing we can do about it. I know that life is full of bumps in the road, but I'm definitely the kind of person who keeps on going, and takes risks, because, just as the saying goes... nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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09 Sep 19 | LIKE PLAYER, LIKE PAY PER HEAD! CHOOSE THE BEST PLATFORM FOR YOUR PLAYER BASE. Want to open your own Betting Shop? Read our quick tips and learn how to better cater to your customer base.

MLS also gets on the betting boat. by SportFan

20 Mar 19 | To stay competitive in the business world you have to adapt quickly to changes, it's a matter of innovating or dying.

The advantages of an online casino by SportFan

12 Oct 18 | The brick and mortar casinos have been and will continue to be a very lucrative business, despite the large market penetration of online casinos the traditional brick and mortar casinos are still very popular although this business model presents some inconveniences that can be very expensive.

The Difference between E-wallets and Cryptocurrency by SportFan

20 Oct 17 | For those bookies that don’t have much experience in the digital world, the different deposit options available for players can be confusing and you may feel a little bit lost about which one is better for your betting site, that is why we put together this quick guide with the main differences, including the pros and cons of e-wallets and cryptocurrency.