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09 Sep 19 | LIKE PLAYER, LIKE PAY PER HEAD! CHOOSE THE BEST PLATFORM FOR YOUR PLAYER BASE. Want to open your own Betting Shop? Read our quick tips and learn how to better cater to your customer base.

I have the best Pay Per Head provider, but my business is not going so well? by Armin

26 Aug 19 | We have commented a lot on this blog about the importance of correctly selecting the Pay Per Head company with which you are going to work.

I have been a bookie for a year and I have no earnings. by Armin

19 Aug 19 | The betting business is very lucrative, but to be lucrative like any other business you need to have a defined strategy and be a bookie with a quick and attentive mind to make the right decisions at the right time.

Understanding the Gamers, How to gain ground in the world of eSport. by Armin

14 Aug 19 | ESports are one of the biggest trends today and a trend that does not go unnoticed in the betting industry.

Is New Jersey killing bookies? by Armin

06 Aug 19 | Recently, stories have begun to appear on the internet of bookies, mainly from New York who claim that their businesses have been seriously affected by the burgeoning betting market in New Jersey.

How to develop a work plan for your betting business. by Armin

05 Aug 19 | When undertaking a business many times it happens that there is so much to do that the entrepreneur doesn't know what task to perform first, prioritizing becomes complex and at the end of the week, the entrepreneur has been working overtime but the list of pending did not decrease and rather It seems that things to do doubled.

The importance of video content for people and how bookies can take advantage of it. by Armin

01 Aug 19 | For decades, television was the main mass medium for the dissemination of content, each person found on television a different use, from example there were those who used it to stay informed of the latest news and important events, there were sports fans who prayed for a chain to broadcast the game of his favorite team and those who used it to escape reality and be entertained for a couple of hours with some comedies and talk shows.

Why Costa Rica is an important country for the PPH industry. by Armin

23 Jul 19 | If you are just taking your first steps in the betting industry through a Pay Per Head partner, you may have noticed that these companies are located outside the USA, the vast majority of them in Costa Rica.

UK offline casinos are dying, this is a great opportunity for bookies. by Armin

23 Jul 19 | UK offline casinos face great challenges to attract and retain their customers due to the strict regulations that have been implemented in the country.

How to win more customers for your betting site. by Armin

23 Jul 19 | The main task of bookies that operate through a Pay Per Head partner is to constantly search for new bettors to grow the business and generate more income.