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The eSports begin to be taken more seriously. by Armin

15 Jul 19 | ESports remain a complex issue for many, especially for bookies who in many cases prefer to stay away from this unknown territory, losing a great opportunity to grow the income of their betting business.

I became an online Bookie and now what? by Armin

15 Jul 19 | If you recently took the step to become an online bookie, first of all, we congratulate you for entering one of the most lucrative and stable industries in the world.

Do not let the numbers in your betting business fool you. by Armin

10 Jul 19 | Handling the money from your betting business can be complicated, in fact, this can be a very big burden that can get give insomnia and generate a lot of stress if you do not do it correctly.

The things you must protect the most in your betting business. by Armin

10 Jul 19 | When we think of the most important assets that we must protect in our business, the first thing that comes to mind is money, because without money there is no business.

How to use data-driven creativity to grow your betting business. by Armin

09 Jul 19 | Currently one of the largest investments made by companies is in systems that measure and collect data from their customers and processes.

Promote your betting site through a podcast. by Armin

09 Jul 19 | The betting industry is very competitive and bookies must be constantly innovating and finding new ways to break through all the advertising noise to which people are exposed so that they can promote their betting site and attract new bettors to make the business grow.

How to be a successful part-time bookie. by Armin

09 Jul 19 | In the world of betting there are several types of bookies, there are those who dedicate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to work in their betting business and there are part-time bookies, people who have decided to start a betting business but without leaving their normal work of 9 to 5.

Why you should include a video section on your betting site. by Armin

05 Jul 19 | Video has become one of the most important content formats on the internet.

The characteristics of the successful bookie. by Armin

02 Jul 19 | A good way to be successful in any business is to imitate the steps and strategies of other entrepreneurs who have already been successful, in order to learn from the mistakes they made.

Build a betting business that makes big brands tremble. by Armin

26 Jun 19 | One of the great fears of bookies aspirants is how to handle competition, mainly from the big players in the betting industry who have millions of dollars in resources for their bankrolls, marketing, research and development of products, etc.