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The Betting Industry lands in the Caribbean. by Armin

16 Apr 19 | Many of us have talked about the flourishing of the sports betting industry in the US territory thanks to the lifting of the ban by the Supreme Court.

Is your betting business stranded, maybe it's time for a relaunch? by Armin

12 Apr 19 | If you have been in the betting industry for a long time and have a betting site that has slowed down in recent years or has stagnated and is unable to get new bettors at a good pace, it could be a good time to think about a relaunching your business.

There are some hostile markets with the Pay Per Head bookies. by Armin

09 Apr 19 | Thanks to the Pay Per Head suppliers, bookies have the possibility to attack any market in the world.

How to make a player happy who lost. by Armin

08 Apr 19 | The bookies have to ensure that all their players are happy all the time since a happy player is a player who keeps betting, which translates into better income for the betting site.

What March Madness can tell us about the future of the betting industry. by Armin

08 Apr 19 | The great sporting events of 2019 in the USA are being very different from previous years in terms of bets.

Financial advice from Wallstreet experts for bookies. by Armin

29 Mar 19 | Having good control and management of money can be very complicated, for example, 42% of cardholders have forgotten at least once to make their payment on time.

Updating how your betting site looks can increase your revenue. by Armin

29 Mar 19 | We have all heard the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. We have heard it so many times that we don't longer stop to think about the meaning of this expression.

Business concepts that could end up killing your business. by Armin

29 Mar 19 | The bookies have to create their skills set on the fly since unfortunately there is no university or course that can be taken to be a good bookie.

Dark clouds on the horizon for sports betting in Maryland. by Armin

25 Mar 19 | Since the ban was lifted to sports betting in the US, we have witnessed how many states have set foot to the throttle to have a legislation that allows bettors to place their bets legally in their territories.

The betting industry is not dying, it is transforming. by Armin

25 Mar 19 | I recently read an article in a prestigious financial magazine that raised how the betting industry is dying