Advanced Pay-per-Head Service

Advanced Pay-per-Head Service

A pay-per-head service is the best and most cost-effective option to book sports action. Each player who places a bet per week is charged a fee by these services. This gives bookies a professional sports betting site. These PPH services handle all lines in-house, up to the second, and grade each game immediately following its conclusion.

Taking a Look at Hold Percentages for your pay-per-Head Service

There are always different levels to any industry or service. This could be your basic service with limited options or the best service with more features and better service. The pay-per-head industry is no exception. The more advanced services not only offer more betting options but also have sharper lines and offer a higher percentage of holds.

The net win or loss of a bookmaker is divided by the total volume of bets. This is called the hold percentage. A higher hold percentage will mean that players lose more money depending on how many bets they place. However, a better pay-per-head service will have sharper moving lines and more betting options, so the bookie can make more money than a lower-quality service.

Dr. PPH is one of the most advanced pay-per-head service reviewers currently available. Their average weekly holding percentage is 14%, compared to the industry norm of 5%. In layman’s terms, Dr. PPH helps you find bookies that make more money overall from their players because of their more sophisticated nature.

Our reviews give you the chance to find a company that also offers more betting options than the average bookmaker. This can be seen in their extensive selection of the new XFL as well as a full slate of games in men’s college lacrosse, which is something that the average book does not have.

Live betting features

Dr. PPH identifies businesses that offer two additional live betting platforms in addition to the standard in-house live. These are available for all four major sports, but only side totals. Look for PPH software, which offers a VIP and Premium Live Betting Platform for an extra $5 per week. This is available for all sports and provides approximately 60 to 80 live betting options per week.

It’s like having two services on one website. Live betting is one of the most sought-after forms of betting. This makes it a great way for players to get the best product and increase their betting volume. The premium live betting feature also includes a TV feature, which allows players to view any game in progress, provided they have made any premium live wagers during the last 72 hours.

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