Ace Per Head Bookie Software Review is a brand eponymous with the pay-per-head world, and is one of the better-known operators in the business. So here is the Ace Per Head review by Dr. Pay-Per-Head.

Based on their starting price point of $10 per week for each active betting client, we would normally expect to find a little more than the basic options and features, including some that come with more value-oriented sportsbooks, as well as a good number of extras such as LIVE betting, in-game betting, available sports to carry, and the like. This WAS, but also WASN’T always the case.

Though their assortment of agent and player management options looked plenty complete to us (and that, on its own, deserves plenty of credit), we couldn’t help but to feel a little disappointed with the resulting aftertaste, as some of our starting expectations were slightly let down by the end of our research. (We explain this point further in the different sections of the review).

Oftentimes, it’s better NOT to promise too much on the very start, and to “portray” products and available features just as they are, without any make-up or hyperboles, because, when you do the opposite, you risk the possibility of disenchanting your audience, and that is one and only relevant issue we found with

Kudos to their “Google” placement team, as they’ve clearly done a wonderful job at putting them at the top of pay per head searches, but given that “our” type of research is little more thorough than the average, we found ourselves in the necessity – in spite of the overall quality of their products – to downgrade them slightly, and to award them with 86 rating points, from a 100 total.

Still pretty good, according to our books.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 12/15 Points

It is hard to find much information about the pricing schedule that offers, with the exception of their starting point, which is $10 per week for each of your betting clients. The site indicates that the price could go up or down, depending on the features that you choose for your sportsbook and the number of clients that you have. However, that lack of transparency when it comes to the different price points makes that $10 starting point seem high.

On several of the other pph sportsbook options, you can find a chart with all of the different price points, which would be a welcome addition here.

Promos 6/10 Points

Here’s a VERY tricky aspect about AcePerhead:

These folks offer 6 weeks free of charge. You’ll see it right on the home page; they’ve made sure you SEE it… but how does it REALLY work? Check it out

You don’t get 6 “starting” weeks for free, rather, what you get is the FIRST 6 weeks of each month at no charge, until, naturally, your first six months come to an end.

Fair enough. I am sure some agents who are familiar with their working frame wouldn’t mind this too much, given that all they need is a “stable” platform to host their players (and AcePerHead does that QUITE credibly), but, those potential runners looking to “test” their products might not find it very appealing.

We can’t say it enough: No Free Trial – AT ALL – will always look better compared to any other PHH operators promising sketchy long-term trial periods.

Agent Admin 15/15 Points

Here’s where AcePerHead gets it right.

You’ll find two demos: One for Agents, and the one intended to show the features available to players. Though, in presentation terms, they don’t look necessarily up-to-date, or terribly neat; they DO look operable, complete and thoroughly easy to use.

In the brief time we spent browsing through their features, we found tons of reports (including open, pending, deleted and settled bets, exposure, “player watch”, analysis data), line and casino management tools (including LIVE casino), and even a scoreboard (nice touch!)

Agents also can request the creation of a customized site for their players, but this will come with an additional US$200 price tag, according to their representatives.

Sportsbook 15/15 Points

Do you want to offer access to baseball, football, soccer and basketball games? If that’s the case, then, has EVERYTHING you want for your platform. They also have all the other non-major sports, and popular betting options appearing on popular sportsbooks across the world.

Not much to criticize here: Their sports offer looks pretty complete, and their betting interface for players (though not the crispiest or better-looking) should be fairly easy to use and manage.

Casino 6/10 Points

This will take a MASSIVE grain of salt:

When it comes to available casino options, it is REALLY hard to tell with AcePerHead’s agent demo alone.

However, if we are to take into consideration the quality of their other products, it’d probably be fair to assume that they are of the “normal” type, aka, basic casino games. Still, if you consider how much the starting fee is per head for this pph sportsbook platform, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect some more of the fun bells and whistles that go along with the extras.

A little more information on this wouldn’t hurt. Wink wink 😉

Horses 5/5 Points

There are few sportsbook platforms that offer as many tracks as, and that’s definitely a good thing!

You will find all the tracks in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, as long as they run graded stakes; there’s also every other betting type available to horseracing fans, such as exactas, trifectas, quinellas, ‘Daily Doubles’, etc.

We couldn’t find anything about hound racing, but since most other PPH operators also run it, it’d probably be fair to assume that they have ‘em too.

Call Center 10/10 Points’s customer service is available around the clock at (800) 909-5193. There are representatives available in both English and Spanish, which covers the vast majority of the sports betting world.

If you would rather take part in LIVE chat, there is an icon at the bottom right of the home page, both on computers and mobile devices, that users can click to get connected to a chat agent, and they normally answer to chat requests pretty quickly (We tested it ourselves).

Payment Methods 4/5 Points

As far as payment methods go, does not accept VISA and MasterCard, but given the fees that other pay per head sportsbook applications charge for credit card transactions, that’s not a negative point.

You do have more payment options with AcePerHead than you have with many other platforms: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar are all accepted. So are gift cards (call the website to find out which ones they currently support) and MoneyGram transfers, both at retail points of purchase and online.

With that flexibility, you can keep your account up and running – and so can your betting clients. Though, in all honesty, we’d prefer they didn’t mention either MG or gift cards at all; just doesn’t bode well for legitimacy’ sake. *Thus the minus point to their score.

Mobile Friendliness 13/15 Points

Mobile optimization is a must for just about any website that plans to make money these days.

When you go to’s homepage on a smartphone, the home page is covered up by a contact information form, making it a bit difficult to negotiate if you do not want to give the site your information right away.

Once you get away from the home page, the mobile optimization seems adequate, but that feature on the home page could be a turn-off for potential owners.

Otherwise, they claim to have been the “first” to successfully apply mobile functionalities to a Pay Per Head software package. We couldn’t confirm that statement with facts, but we gave them the benefit of the doubt all the same.


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