is one of the older players in the pay per head sportsbook business, with a presence in the sector for over two decades. They offer the basics for sportsbook owners at a price that is close to the middle in terms of price per head, and then they also offer some extras, with some coming at an extra price per head and others coming off revenue share. That means that you can offer a lot of the extras without any up-front financial risk, as you only pay for those features if you have winnings. does offer a call center that is available 24/7/365 (888-999-7841), both to bettors and bookies. That is becoming more and more the industry standard, but given the relative value that offers, particularly to bookies that have larger numbers of accounts, it is good to know that help is just a phone call away.

For the bettor, provides an interface that is simple and easy to use, whether the bettor wants to use a computer, tablet or smartphone to access their account. There are platforms out there that offer more of the extra features, but if you are looking for a basic setup, there are definitely worse places to set up shop. The fact that you only get a two-week window to decide whether the site works for you, and that the site offers just a money-back guarantee instead of a free trial period, is less than ideal.

Taken together, I rate well at the top of the pack – it’s a better value than most, and it offers a decent size of extras on the side. Total: 80 out of 100.


Total Score
Price /15 Points
Promos /10 Points
Agent Admin /15 Points
Sportsbook /15 Points
Casino /10 Points
Horses /5 Points
Call Center /10 Points
Payment Methods /5 Points
Mobile Friendliness /15 Points


Price 13/15 Points is priced below some of its competitors when it comes to pph service providers. Their basic price is $12 for Internet-only betting clients and $15 for phone access as well, but that’s only for sportsbooks with between two and 25 bettors. The more bettors you have on your book, the lower the price. Let’s take a look at the latest breakdown:

Clients Internet Only Internet PLUS Phone
2-25 $12 $15
26-100 $10 $14
101-200 $8 $12
201-500 $6 $10
501+ $5 $8

Not all pay per head platform providers offer a sliding scale for weekly fees on the basis of the number of clients that you have. If your book is already fairly large, then this site offers even more value. If your book is still small but you have some strategies in mind to get that number of bettors up, then you can turn your situation into value in a hurry.

If you want to offer non-stop live wagering, that is $8 per active account. That is higher than some of the competition, but it is a flat $8 and does not change on the basis of what you have in terms of numbers of bettors.

Some other features come with revenue sharing between 15 and 25 percent. Basically, if you end up taking in money on those features, then a cut goes to These include premium casinos, e-sports, virtual sports and top live dealer. Features that are included at the original price include basic casino, in-game betting, and a racebook.

Promos 6/10 Points

As of this writing, the only promotion that was offering was a two-week money-back guarantee. There are better trial period offers out there, but if you want a value from your pay per head rates, then this is worth considering.

Agent Admin 14/15 Points

This interface is easy to use and has been designed so that you can look through what you need to do and get the job done efficiently. The graphics are clear and non-intrusive, instead making the pages easier for you to read. Given the amount of mobile optimization that you need to run this sort of site well, this is one of the top features of this platform.

Sportsbook 13/15 Points

The layout and look are simple and easy to follow, both on the computer and on the tablet/smartphone. This is important because your players will want to be able to make their bets quickly and then move on. There are a limited number of props and other offerings here than what you can list elsewhere.

Casino 7/10 Points

There are other sportsbook platforms that offer a wider variety of options when it comes to casino and dealer options. The free casino is very basic, and without a live dealer option for free, this platform is behind some of the competition.

Horses 4/5 Points

The software that provides for horse racing is not dr’s best, but it does the job. You can set limits for odds, payouts, betting types – and the software is free for you to use, included with your payments.

Call Center 7/10 Points

The call center for is up 24/7 and can handle your concerns, if you pay the higher rate to come on board as a “phone” client. Internet-only bettors can utilize the live chat as well, and the call center runs around the clock.

Payment Methods 4/5 Points

You can use cryptocurrencies, Moneygram, wire transfer and Zelle to make payments with The site does not accept credit cards, but to be fair, that’s actually fairly rare, and the sites that do often tack on a hefty convenience fee.

Mobile Friendliness 12/15 Points works very well both on the tablet/laptop as well as the smartphone, both for the bettor and for the agent. The site is clean and easily accessible, with the exception of changing your lines. As the agent, you would need to find a computer to be able to do that. This is fairly common for this type of software.