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The Use of Prepaid Cards in the Betting Industry by Armin

19 Apr 18 | Both bettors and bookies are always looking for better payment options, that offer fast transactions with little to none fee.

Reviews are changing the way people buy by Armin

17 Apr 18 | Consumer reviews are becoming an important part of people’s lives and are influencing their decision-making process.

Bookie Basics, What is a Pay Per Head Company? by Armin

12 Apr 18 | Today we are going to cover a pretty basic topic, but a very important one.

Grow your Profit Trough Casual Players by Bryan B.S.

10 Apr 18 | We never get tired of point out the importance of casual players in the bookie business.

Understanding How Bettors Behave. by Armin

05 Apr 18 | Successful bookies know exactly what the bettors think and are able to predict how they are going to behave.

Why is the design of your Betting Site important for your Bookie Reputation? by Armin

05 Apr 18 | In the gambling business, reputation is everything. Bettors want to do business with someone they can trust.

Inbound Marketing Techniques for your Betting Site by Armin

02 Apr 18 | Every day people are bombarded with a huge amount of information from different brands, what has caused people to feel overwhelmed and not pay attention to the messages that brands are trying to deliver.

Market Segments by Generations, How you can market your betting site to different segments. by Bryan B.S.

27 Mar 18 | One of the trickiest things to do these days is to define a target market to promote our products and services, there are many categories to choose from: millennial, centennials, baby boomers, etc.

Promotion Strategies for your Betting Site by Bryan B.S.

26 Mar 18 | Let’s face it some people have a creative gene that allows them to craft clever and attractive ideas, for example, creating promotion strategies for a betting site, but there are some people that simply don't have it, plus the everyday responsibilities leave no time to think about new ways to promote their betting site.

TV isn’t what it used to be, How this affects the Bookie Business? by Armin

22 Mar 18 | Every day fewer people watch traditional broadcast TV, cable companies across the US are losing subscribers and the business model of TV is crumbling. People now watch content on demand across multiple devices like smartphones, smart TV, and personal computers.